Bingo Socials


We provide our parishioners and friends venue and opportunity to socialize and enjoy fun and camaraderie in Bingo Socials which is held every Thursday except on Holy Thursday, Thanksgiving and when it falls on Christmas. We hold it in our modern Parish hall and doors open at 5:00 pm, games are usually over at 9:30 pm. All our parishioners and players enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere and the friendly service especially of our volunteer Bingo Team. We provide free coffee and pretzels. Affordable snacks and dinner are also available. All are welcome!

Bingo News

Bingo TeamOur Thursday Bingo socials has been running for about four years now with lots of fun and excitement.  Thanks to our ever dedicated and committed Bingo Team Ministry who unselfishly and untiringly volunteer and give their services every Thursday to make our games exciting and our gathering a venue for fellowship.  Indeed, we are a welcoming family of faith!


Doors open at 4:30 pm

Early Birds at 6:15 pm

Strip Session starts at 7:00 pm

Our SPOC Thursday Bingo will have a special night on July 7 named as Strip Night Bingo.  There will be 5 Early Bird games paying $300, Double Action and Bonanza paying $300 and 10 Strip games paying $1,000.  Our Bingo is offering a $60 pre-sale buy-in with a savings of $52 (last day to pre-buy is June 30).  Free hotdogs and other prizes will be available.  Come, have fun and enjoy our fellowship at Bingo!