Veneration (2)

The life and activity of our parish is sustained by our different active ministries which cater to the spiritual, liturgical, pastoral, and social need of our community. Each ministry is headed by different committed volunteer leaders who are supported by their members. They are as follows.

Altar Servers - Nicole Del Rosso
Bereavement - Cecilia Manuel
Bingo Committee - Ryan & Rebecca Garcia
Building Committee - Jim Hopper
C.A.R.E. – Mary Helen Englert
Carnival Committee - Claudia Funderburgh & Teresa Anaya                                                                                                                       CSI (Community Service Implementation)  - Linda Gonzalez                                                                                                                   Eucharistic Ministers - Maureen Orcutt
Extraordinario Ministros de Eucaristia – Miguel Iniguez
Filipino Ministry - Emy De Castro
Finance Council - Rick Tilcock
Food Pantry Ministry - Ave Muzzicato
Grupo de Oracion – Manuel Servin
Hospitality – Lorrie Rodriguez
Lectors - Paula Lewis
Lectores – Ruben Rodriguez
Liturgy Committee - Fr. Joseph Visperas
Liturgical Dancers - Sheree King
Ministers to the Homebound – Frances Chisholm / Ignacio Ramirez
Music Ministry - Rita Melendrez (English),  Luis Lopez (Spanish)
Parish Pastoral Council - Jaime Salgado
Quinceanera Ministry - Patricia Movera
Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) - Dn. Mark Orcutt & Dn. Tim Roberto
Religious Education / Confirmation – Theresa Bartolone
Respect Life - Kim & Tim Crothers
Safeguard the Children – Hortense Casillas
School Advisory Board – Pat Hopper
Spanish Ministry - Salvador Perez
St. Paul of the Cross School - Sandra Hernandez
Ushers - Rudy Oceguera
Ujieres – Amalia Ramirez
Vocation Director - Dn. Tim Roberto
Wedding Preparations - Barbara Woods & Patricia Movera
Widows & Widowers – Pat Roberto
Women's Fellowship - Virginia Ferrara, Maureen Orcutt
Youth & Young Adult Ministry – Theresa Bartolone