Church Panorama


At St. Paul of the Cross, all are welcome. We are a family of faith. Our doors are always open to young and old, children and adults, men and women of every age and race to be part of the community, ministries and activities that our church has to offer.

We recognize the gifts God has endowed each one and we greatly appreciate the time, talent, effort and treasure that each one can share to make our faith family ever alive and growing.


14020 Foster Road, La Mirada, CA 90638 USA


St. Paul of the Cross Faith Family is composed of devoted parishioners who involve themselves in the different ministries, councils and organizations, prayer groups and activities within the parish. They are the pillars of our church who keep us ever alive and growing and true in living up to our mission.


We are a multicultural and diverse Roman Catholic sacramental community. In the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ, we strive to reach out with open arms and receive all people by our commitment to evangelization, social justice, and active participation in community life.

Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we are empowered through prayer and action to heal, to reconcile, and to welcome all people as our community grows in unity. We pray and work together to make the mission of Jesus a reality in our parish, St. Paul of the Cross.